Benefit Zone 1 - Laguna

Benefit Zone Information

Benefit Zone 1 – Laguna, benefits from 23 parks totaling 149 acres.  It has more parks and park acres, than any other benefit zone in the Cosumnes CSD Park System.  Laguna is fully built out with no additional parks planned.

The Laguna Benefit Zone includes 8 local parks, 12 neighborhood parks, and 3 community parks. In addition, there are 99 acres of streetscapes and trails, also the most in Cosumnes CSD's Park System. Many parks are linked by either off-street trails or on-street bike lanes.


Listed below are the projects staff anticipate completing in Fiscal Year 2021-2022. Projects are subject to change due to weather and/or unforeseen budgetary changes.

  • Ballfield fencing at Betschart Park will be repaired.
  • The basketball court at Womack Park will be resurfaced.
  • The turf in the dog park at Laguna Community Park will be renovated.
  • Engineered Wood Fiber will be added to parks as needed to maintain a safe depth for playgrounds.
  • The epoxy floors in the restrooms at Laguna Community Park, Zehnder Park, Betschart Park, Kloss Park and Miwok Park will be repaired.
  • The bathroom roof at Zehnder Park will be upgraded.
  • Landscape bark will be applied to planter beds as needed.
  • Plants will be replaced in planter beds as needed.
  • Park furniture will be replaced at Rose Park: two tables, two garbage cans and two benches.
  • Park furniture will be replaced at Zehnder Park: four tables, five garbage cans and two benches.
  • The synthetic turf play surface at Pinkerton Park will be replaced.
  • The rubber playground surface at Kloss Park will be repaired and resealed.
  • The PebbleFlex playground surface at Betschart Park and Womack Park will be repaired and resealed
  • The shade structure at Womack Park will be refurbished to remove dry rot.
  • A shade sail will be replaced at one of the parks if needed.
  • Sidewalks will be repaired or replaced throughout the zone where lifts and/or cracks pose a potential safety hazard to pedestrians.
  • Two multipurpose fields will go offline for renovation.Annual maintenance will be performed on the Bermuda grass multipurpose field at Laguna Community Park.
  • The tennis courts at Miwok Park and Womack Park will be resurfaced.
  • Softball/baseball infields will be graded and leveled prior to the start of the spring season.

Capital Improvement Projects

  • Lichtenberger Park and Pedersen Park Revitalization projects will be managed by the Park Planning Division, and will consist of replacing the playground equipment and associated improvements to the play area.