School Visits & Fire Station Tours

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School Visits

The mission of the Cosumnes Fire Department states that it "saves lives and protects the community through prevention, [and] preparedness".  Providing information and education about fire safety to school-age children is one way the Department helps save lives and protect the community.

The public education curriculum is geared toward elementary school children in two groups: Kindergarten and First Grade and Second and Third Grade.  The fire safety curriculum is fun, engaging, and educational providing valuable information to help students prevent fires and be more prepared if they experience a fire in their home.  

Additionally, when available, your local firefighters will drop by with a Fire Engine, Fire Truck, or Ambulance to meet students.

To request a school visit from the Fire Department, please complete this online School Visit Request Form.

Station Tour Guidelines

  • Fire Station tours may be scheduled between 9 am - 11:30 am and 1 pm - 3:30 pm - Monday through Friday. Evening and weekend tours are scheduled on an individual basis.
  • To request a station tour, please complete the Station Tour Request form.
  • Please allow a minimum of two weeks in advance to schedule a tour.
  • The minimum age for tour participants is 4 years old.
  • The group size must be 25 or fewer total participants (including children and chaperones). There must be one adult chaperone for every five children.
  • Birthday party groups meeting the age requirement are welcome to tour a fire station but may not hold party festivities at the station. No cake and ice cream, please.
  • Public education commitments, such as station tours, are coordinated around the Department’s daily training schedule. In most cases, crews perform station tours while in service. As such, they may be called away in the event of an emergency. Most tours last roughly an hour, and include an in-depth look at the daily station life of a firefighter, as well as lessons in fire safety.
  • Please be aware that the fire stations are on 24-hour call. Even with booked tours, the possibility exists that the crew could be called out and the station will be closed when you arrive. 
  • If a crew is not at the station for a scheduled tour, please wait whatever you feel is a reasonable amount of time. If the crew does not return in that time frame, please contact the Department.