The Cosumnes Community Services District strives to achieve sustainability by allocating staff and resources based on sound operational practices to ensure long-term operation and maintainability.

Climate Action Plan / Sustainability and Adaption Plan (CAP/SAP)

The District contracted with Raney Planning & Management (Raney) to prepare a Climate Action Plan/Sustainability and Adaptation Plan (CAP/SAP) for the Cosumnes Community Service District. The CAP/SAP is intended to increase the environmental sustainability of the District in terms of GHG emission reductions as well as long-term operational efficiency, waste prevention, reduction in the consumption of natural resources, and minimization or elimination of potential adverse effects to the environment that could otherwise occur during future District operations. 

The CAP/SAP features a chapter on emission reduction measures and sustainability practices that can be incorporated into the day-to-day operations of the District, the planning and development of future facilities and parks and considerations to be made when purchasing new equipment. 

Community Outreach 

Raney Management and District staff held a virtual community outreach meeting on July 29, 2020 to discuss the CAP/SAP and receive feedback.  The Final CAP/SAP was presented and approved at the Board of Directors Meeting on October 7, 2020.