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1. How do I request a permit release letter required by the city/county Building Department?
2. How do I request a fire inspection for my new project?
3. How do I pay plan review and inspection fees?
4. How do I resubmit my plans?
5. How do I order a rapid entry device Knox Box, padlock, or key switch?
6. What if I am changing my existing driveway gate from manual to automatic?
7. What if I am installing a new gate for my house?
8. My business or neighborhood wants a new gate, do I need a permit?
9. Do I need a fire permit to install a propane tank at my house or business?
10. Do I need a fire permit to install solar at my home or business?
11. How do I find out the water purveyor on a parcel of land?
12. I am required to provide a letter that my new project is in the Cosumnes Fire Department jurisdiction. What do I need to do?