What do I do in a Vehicle Incident/Accident?

Vehicle Incident/Accidents

At the site of the Incident or Accident

  1. Do not move your vehicle unless the accident/incident is minor and the traffic is heavy or your vehicle presents a serious hazard to other vehicles.
  2. Find out if anyone is injured.
  3. Call the local law enforcement authority. If this an emergency, call 911
  4. Use the vehicle incident/accident form in the glove box to obtain witness information, gather names, addresses and phone numbers and insurance information.
  5. Do not discuss the accident with anyone except the investigating police officer, the Risk Manager, Fleet Operations Manager, or your immediate supervisor or Department Head.
  6. Do not admit responsibility/liability for the accident/incident.
  7. Sign nothing but a police accident report or a citation if necessary.

Reporting the Incident or Accident

  1. District vehicle incident/accidents are in the glove box of your District vehicle or available at Fleet Operations. A completed accident/incident report will provide information on other vehicles, drivers or property involved, witnesses, weather conditions, road conditions, names, phone numbers, addresses and insurance policy numbers of the other party or parties, and any other pertinent information regarding the accident/incident.
  2. Reporting injury accidents/incidents or any accident/incident involving members of the public must be reported immediately to the appropriate law enforcement agency, as well as the Fleet Operations Division at (916) 753-1919, and your respective Department Supervisor or Director.  Report injury accidents/incidents by phone to the Risk Manager at (916) 405-7198.
  3. When reporting non-injury accidents/incidents, complete the entire accident/incident report within 24 hours of the accident/incident. If you are injured and unable to complete the report, your department should report it for you. After it is completed, please bring it to Fleet Operations for the formal report.

What Should You Do With Your Vehicle?

  1. If the District vehicle is able to be driven then bring it to the Fleet Operations facility, (need address) for a mechanical inspection. .
  2. If your vehicle is inoperable or unsafe to drive, call Fleet Operations at (916) 753-1919 and ask for further instructions. If the accident/incident occurs after regular District business hours, call (916) 753-1919  Towing at (xxx)xxx-xxxx and have the vehicle towed to the appropriate Fleet Operations facility. If you are out of the District when an accident/incident occurs, follow the instructions in the section entitled, "In Case of Mechanical Failure or Breakdown."

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