How do I request inclusion services?

Request Inclusion Services by submitting the Accommodation Request Form on the RAD webpage.

Once you submit your request for accommodations, you will receive an email confirmation that your request has been received. Our Therapeutic Recreation Supervisor will review your information and contact you regarding your request.

Please provide as much information about your participant as possible, this way our staff can best prepare an accommodation for the participant in a timely manner.

Accommodations are most successful when done early and before the start of the program. This will ensure there is adequate time to prepare accommodation for participant. 

Please note: To allow adequate time for processing and assessment, please allow at least three weeks for your request to be processed. This allows us to discover what would be helpful and time to find the staff or equipment needed to set each person up for success!

In addition, Cosumnes CSD does our best to provide Reasonable Accommodations for all, but their may be times that the accommodation is not reasonable for our staffing, program or other reasons.

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3. How do I request inclusion services?
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