What happens if I am offered a job?

Conditional job offers are made "pending" a TB test, and may include a DMV driving record, physical examination/questionnaire, background check and/or urine drug screening depending on the position. If you are working when you receive a conditional job offer DO NOT quit your job until you have been instructed to do so. Employment background, academic degrees, licenses, certifications and other credentials are subject to confirmation as part of the appointment process. The District complies with the Immigration Control and Reform Act of 1986. If offered a position, you will be required to present identification and/or work authorization paperwork. Only documents identified in law or regulation are acceptable. After you have been offered and have accepted a position, be sure that you understand when you will begin, where and to whom you will report on the first day, and whether there are any other steps the hiring department would like you to take before starting work. Be sure to get the telephone number of the person who contacts you for hire in case you have further questions.

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6. What happens if I am offered a job?
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