Naming of District Parks and Facilities

Individuals may nominate names to the Cosumnes Community Services District Naming Committee for the naming of new park facilities, facilities, fire stations, parks and special features.

The District is not currently accepting nominations. 

Criteria for Nominations

  1. An individual or family who has provided exceptional, long-term contributions or service to the District or community.
    • If an individual is deceased, a period of at least one year must elapse prior to taking nominations for naming a site in their name.
    • The site shall be selected in an area as close as possible to the residence of the individual or family.
    • Names will not be considered if the individual or family has another site named in their honor, unless the contributions are specific to the site, and are extremely significant with the exception of schools, and preferably joint school park/sites.
  2. A geographical, historical, or ecological relationship indigenous or of significance to the region. 
  3. Sites shall not be named after a service organization.
  4. Names with connotations that by contemporary community standards are derogatory or offensive will not be considered.