Maintaining Commercial Fire Systems

All fire protection systems in the Cosumnes Fire Department's jurisdiction are required by fire code:

  • to be inspected by licensed contractors,
  • tested by licensed contractors,
  • and maintained by licensed contractors,
  • and reports submitted to Cosumnes Fire Department.

Quick reference table for testing schedule (PDF).  

Thus, the Cosumnes Fire Department has implemented an online program for the submittal of fire and life safety systems reports. Reports must be submitted through The Compliance Engine starting April 1, 2022.


Contractors who perform inspections, testing, and maintenance services of fire protection systems, in the Cosumnes Fire Department's jurisdiction, are required to electronically submit all compliant and non-compliant test reports to Cosumnes Fire Department via The Compliance Engine.

Property Owners

Property owners may establish an account with The Compliance Engine to access, monitor, and track reports associated with their property.  Please email to receive the Premise User Access.

Non-Compliant Systems and Code Enforcement

Fire systems found to be deficient during an inspection and testing are deemed “non-compliant” and must be repaired, reinspected, and “pass” testing within 30 days of the initial test.

In the event repairs are not made in a timely manner, property/business owners may be liable for penalties and/or additional action.  

Fire Protection and life safety systems are among the most essential components in any building to preserve lives, protect property, and enhance firefighter safety.